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Lara Bezerra

Chief Purpose Officer

Lara is a mother and a wife who had positions as President, Managing Director in different Multinationals in 7 countries and three continents for 27 years.

She was the first female to assume the Executive Presidency of a Bayer affiliate in Latin America, the first woman elected as chairperson of Cavenal, the German chamber of commerce in Venezuela.

She pioneered many positions as a female leader. But what she is prouder about is to be the first executive senior leader to have the title of Chief Purpose Officer because, for her, bringing Purpose to people's life is her mission.

She has a very peculiar leadership style, bringing all organizations that she led to the higher top ratings of engagement scores. She has delivered more than simple financial results; she transformed organizations because she believes in the people she worked with.

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  • Lara was Head of Marketing and Sales operations when I headed Region LA. Lara is a very effective leader due to her high level of enthusiasm and energy as well as her strong interpersonal skills. She has a very good strategic sense and can convince people of her vision.She gets things done and is very res...Visualizar mais

    Roland Turck MD, Global 
    Specialty Medicine Expert

  • I had the privilege to know and work with Larra in Latin America. Her leadership, demonstrated by a sense of purpose and genuine attention to people were critical for the sustainability of the business and the morale of the organization at that time. We worked together on a vision project. I was impr... Visualizar mais

    Petar Gyulev, Pharma Expert with broad cross-functional experience! Curious to innovate and passionate to improve patients' lives!

  • Lara, this name has won hearts of many people NOT ONLY in Roche but across different sectors of the industry worldwide. Lara is one of the very few persons I have met personally and professionally who is a perfect human being, she is always admired due to her balanced nature, friendlines... Visualizar mais

    Ankit Malde, Marketing Manager at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

  • Lara is a highly successful and experienced female leader that has demonstrated measurable impact on the businesses she has led or worked for. Lara is highly reliable and gets things done. She also has a solid track record of leading people across 2 different continents. In her position as Busines... Visualizar mais

    Stefan Oelrich, Member of the Board of Management of Bayer AG and President Pharmaceuticals at Bayer

  • I have been working with Lara Bazerra over the last 6 years at the time she was Head of Hungary for Bayer Pharma and then Head Regional Marketing and Sales Effectiveness for Bayer Pharma latin America. Lara has been always a great partner to work with, providing strong leadership to the organization,... Visualizar mais

    Jean Christophe Font, Strategy Consultant at Kinetic Consulting Ltd - Business angel investor and Strategy advisor at Prepaired

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