Leading A Coherent Life With Purpose

Transform your leadership team, Top Down culture transformation

During my leadership journey, I have arrived in different countries and I met leadership teams that were already working together before I arrived.

I learned that, to be successful, I had to unite the leadership team, creating a common intention (Purpose) and the right motivation behind their actions (Higher service, serve the organization and stakeholders for a positive impact in society). During the years I perfect my work to support the development of the leadership team to be better servant leaders, to their teams, but also in their private lives.

Results have come as soon as their transformation started to inspire and impact their teams.

I offer now to leadership teams and executive committees 4 days retreats where they will learn to be vulnerable, work with each other, improve their communication and learn to identify their intentions and motivations. But mostly, they will learn to work on common purpose. Contact us to know more.

“In 2019, the MumbaiMirrorwrote, “Lara Bezerra has transformed leadership in the pharmaceutical industry forever.”

Lara Bezerra’s Golden Rule for company transformation is: “If you want to transform the company, you must transform the people first. If you want to become a Quantum Leader, you must first become a Quantum Self.”

During each of my visits to the Roche offices, people could not resist telling me how the transformation had changed them, not only professionally, but also as private people…....

Swati, the HR Director, told me she never used to think about things like purpose or meaning, especially not in connection with her work. “I used to go to work just to earn money for necessities,” she said. “Anything that mattered to me happened away from work.” But now, having gone through Lara’s training herself, and then had the experience of training others, she said she now feels a real joy and sense of purpose about her work. “I feel that it means something. That I am making a difference.” She was planning to take the Vipassana meditation course recommended by Lara, and in some of her spare time she had been attending Osho’s wisdom teachings. “Lara has told us,” she recounted, “that to become better leaders, we must become better human beings. I am now trying to become a better human being.”

Link to the book of Prof Danah Zohar https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-981-16-7849-3

The link to the chapter of the book where the quote appears  https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-981-16-7849-3_17

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