Which Are Our Intentions?

  • Turn on the lights in each individual (awaken the coherent leader in existence)
  • Evolve together as coherent leaders
  • Co-create the future of work - foster the right environment for leaders and organizations to work for positively impact society
  • Connect the dots that will build the collective wisdom to support each other in this journey.

WorkCoherence is here to "turn on" the light within everyone! We believe that every individual is an integral, intentional and coherent leader; sometimes just one idea is enough to turn on the light that will unleash the exponential potential that exists within the individual.

We want to bring to this virtual space different perspectives that have switched the flame of wisdom in other people! To share what helped to spark the curiosity in our journey, whose trainings have been used and built by us, the tools that helped, inspired and guided us.

Finally, we want to bring tools that can help us at the beginning of this learning process, as well as to keep on collecting information that may be useful and will enable us to work for a greater purpose and have a positively impact our society!

We would also like that WorkCoherence be a place where like-minded souls collaborate to:

  • Build leaders
  • Build the right cultures
  • Offer trainings and other tools for free or under the Pay-Forward /Learn-Forward Method. Build and develop trainings to be implemented by the teams themselves without needing external consultant support.
  • To create a group of trained mentors to provide support.
  • Develop trainings and/or tools and make them available for general use
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