Leadership – is to serve others, be there for your team, colleagues!

Among many books, readings that I have found, this book had inspired me, and, of course, was given to me by my mother, who always looked for business books which could help my work!

O Monge e o Executivo; in Portuguese – The Servant; in English – is a wonderful book about leadership, but the real one, the one that you really would like to live, mainly reflects the kind of boss that anyone of us would like to have – so, the one we should always try to be!

The difference of this book is that it brings you to think over and see other sides of being a leader, and how much does the private life influence the professional life, indeed, what we are in our private life can not be different from the professional one…

I loved to see that with this book one can be sure that being good, doing the best for the others and living a life to serve others is really the best leadership path one can choose!

I was happy to understand that my attitude to help and to serve my team, my colleagues is not a lack of ambition or a competitive disadvantage, but more a very big competitive advantage!!!

Here is the link to the book in different languages!!!

In Portuguese:


In English:


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