Mera naam Lara hai, aapakee kahaanee kya hai?

I have learned today that life is like a ppt presentation. Each slide is the projection of light the body emanates given certain filters, the emotions and feelings have, of something we see or live.

One slide might be beautiful because it is the projection of a person you like and your body filters it with so good emotions and feelings that the light you project makes an amazing slide.

Another slide might not be so beautiful because the light it projects is darker given the darker emotions and feelings that certain situation provokes in you, so will be the light you will make others see.

After a while, you will become the set of slides you project the most, if you know this, you will be able to select the filters of emotions and feelings you will use to embrace any situation and then the light you will project will be as you wish…

Easier said than done, well here I share a beautiful learning from my 2 years in India.

Before coming to India, my introduction “I am Lara” was carried with many slides and set of presentations I brought with me. The projections I had were already filtered and worked a lot for years wanting to become a better human being. One of the reasons to choose India was because I believed India traditional culture would bring me to another level as a human being.

I am not sure if I was right or wrong, I am not sure what exactly brought me to be who I am today, and I am a completely different person from the one who arrived in India… I am still Lara, but the shadows of understanding that build my core have changed, and I am a much more “Indian” person – many Indians will disagree, but I promise you, there is something in Indias, related to goodness and something bigger that come into our souls…

One of the biggest learning are the magic 3 words…

Unconditional positive regard

“(UPR) is a term credited to humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers and is used in client-centered therapy. Practicing unconditional positive regard means accepting and respecting others as they are without judgment or evaluation.”

Since these 3 words entered in my life a very different set of slides started to be projected. Even in the worst moments I have asked myself;

…and then I try to think on what is the impact on people – I have learned sometimes in the hardest way that Unconditional Positive Regard is finally of utmost importance when we are in the worst moments of our lives – to always try to make the most positive impact, or…. the least negative impact.

In order to make Unconditional Positive Regards work, is important to have SELF AWARENESS – conscious knowledge of one’s own character and feelings.

Having conscious knowledge of your own character and feelings, so whatever situation will come to your door, you will be able to process it and filter with Unconditional Positive Regard, then the light that will project the next slide of your life will be much more beautiful than it usually would be… Tweet

Since this combination of self awareness and Unconditional Positive Regards entered my life, I have evolved as leader, as mother, as wife, as a human being; somehow, I feel clear consciousness of what kind of lights I want to project in the next set of slides which will build my next presentation, sourced by my 2 years with my team in India, let others know myself and know others better – and this looks something like this;

Mera naam Lara hai, aapakee kahaanee kya hai?

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